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Delhi will be conquered soon, says Zaid Hamid (Proof Inside)

Posted by zaidonists on March 26, 2010

Eastern Railways of India's recent newspaper ad

As part of recent developments, which according to ZH are due to his continuing efforts to demoralize the ‘paleed’ Hindu nation, Eastern Railways of India has published a newspaper ad which shows Delhi as part of Pakistan. This is exactly what ZH and his followers want to achieve in the long run, conquer Delhi and hoist the Pakistan flag at the Red Fort.

ZH declared this ad as a massive morale booster. According to ZH, ‘paleed’ Hindus have already started to believe they’ll be conquered by his army of Zaidonists, and this ad depicts their inner fears. When asked by reporters if this could be mistake by the advertising agency, ZH labelled the reports as RAW agents who are trying to dent this glorious moment in the history of Zaidonists.

Editor’s Note: This article posted in the ‘Satire’ section is a work of fiction and a comical take on ZH.


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