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PKKH slowly parting ways with Zaid Hamid?

Posted by zaidonists on March 26, 2010

PKKH has been a strong supporter of ZH for a long time now. One important factor which must be mentioned here is that PKKH existed even before ZH became popular, and later joined hands with ZH. Therefore, we do believe PKKH team members are a bunch of patriotic Pakistanis who intended to serve the country. However, slowly but gradually PKKH has become nothing more than a mouth-piece of ZH and his campaign. Recently, when the Yousaf Kazzab case re-surfaced, PKKH was mostly seen publishing articles clearing ZH’s position and stance. It would be fair to say that PKKH itself has lost its identity in this process.

The latest article about Takmeel-e-Pakistan published by PKKH shows signs of things to come. The article is full of clarifications that Takmeel is not about a ‘single person’, in fact it is about a greater cause. The article mentions this at least 3-4 times throughout the article. Zaid Hamid’s name is no mentioned anywhere in the article, but the suggestions that one person’s history should not be used to sabotage Takmeel is enough to understand who the article refers to. Moreover, BOLD characters are used to emphasize this point of view. Does the PKKH team know usage of BOLD characters is considered rude according to netiquettes (internet etiquettes), and signifies shouting? Or may be they really do want to shout and tell every one that they’ve finally realized that ZH has only brought failure and bad name to them.

One specimen paragraph from the article:

The Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution clearly reflects that Its NOT about any single person, its NOT about any organization, its NOT about a certain group of people, its ONLY and ONLY about the ideology of Pakistan, the revival of the true spirit of Pakistan and the RISE of Pakistan as an exemplary Islamic welfare state…


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