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Archive for the ‘Satire’ Category

Zaid Hamid responds angrily to Shoaib Malik-Sania Mirza wedding news!

Posted by zaidonists on March 30, 2010

During a recent “Wakeup Pakistan” event in Chiniot, Zaid Hamid criticised Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik for choosing Indian tennis star Sania Mirza as his wife:

“Yakeen kijiyay, Shoaib Malik nay kaum kai saath zulm kia hai! Tamam Hindustani ‘paleed’ hein aur inn sai shaadi jayiz nahi!”

A confused youngster in the crowd questioned: “But dear Sir Zaid, Sania is a muslim, how can she be paleed?”

ZH then explained his theory on Hindus and Hindustanis in detail:

“Baita, you are too small, you don’t understand, let me explain it to you. If you’re a Hindu Hindustani, you’re a Hindu first then a Hindustani, and if you’re Non-hindu Hindustani, you’re still a Hindu first and then a Hindustani, in short everyone from HINDUstan is a HINDU, similarly like everyone from Afghanistan is Afghan. Hindus are ‘paleed’ and inferior to us. Yakeen kijiyay we’ll conquer Delhi soon and they’ll all eat from our feet!”

Loud chants and cheers of joy were heard inside the hall as ZH finished speaking.

Editor’s Note: This article posted in the ‘Satire’ section is a work of fiction and a comical take on ZH.


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Hindu Zionists v Zaidonists

Posted by zaidonists on March 28, 2010

Some say Hindu Zionists exist, some say they do not… But there is no dispute over the existence of Zaidonists!

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Zaid Hamid in 4 Man Show (Part 1)

Posted by zaidonists on March 27, 2010

4 Man Show points out many aspects of ZH’s methods in this comical piece. Hiring young anchors and needless aggression is just some of the tools ZH uses to attract young minds towards him. Enjoy!

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Delhi will be conquered soon, says Zaid Hamid (Proof Inside)

Posted by zaidonists on March 26, 2010

Eastern Railways of India's recent newspaper ad

As part of recent developments, which according to ZH are due to his continuing efforts to demoralize the ‘paleed’ Hindu nation, Eastern Railways of India has published a newspaper ad which shows Delhi as part of Pakistan. This is exactly what ZH and his followers want to achieve in the long run, conquer Delhi and hoist the Pakistan flag at the Red Fort.

ZH declared this ad as a massive morale booster. According to ZH, ‘paleed’ Hindus have already started to believe they’ll be conquered by his army of Zaidonists, and this ad depicts their inner fears. When asked by reporters if this could be mistake by the advertising agency, ZH labelled the reports as RAW agents who are trying to dent this glorious moment in the history of Zaidonists.

Editor’s Note: This article posted in the ‘Satire’ section is a work of fiction and a comical take on ZH.

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