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Zaid Hamid responds angrily to Shoaib Malik-Sania Mirza wedding news!

Posted by zaidonists on March 30, 2010

During a recent “Wakeup Pakistan” event in Chiniot, Zaid Hamid criticised Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik for choosing Indian tennis star Sania Mirza as his wife:

“Yakeen kijiyay, Shoaib Malik nay kaum kai saath zulm kia hai! Tamam Hindustani ‘paleed’ hein aur inn sai shaadi jayiz nahi!”

A confused youngster in the crowd questioned: “But dear Sir Zaid, Sania is a muslim, how can she be paleed?”

ZH then explained his theory on Hindus and Hindustanis in detail:

“Baita, you are too small, you don’t understand, let me explain it to you. If you’re a Hindu Hindustani, you’re a Hindu first then a Hindustani, and if you’re Non-hindu Hindustani, you’re still a Hindu first and then a Hindustani, in short everyone from HINDUstan is a HINDU, similarly like everyone from Afghanistan is Afghan. Hindus are ‘paleed’ and inferior to us. Yakeen kijiyay we’ll conquer Delhi soon and they’ll all eat from our feet!”

Loud chants and cheers of joy were heard inside the hall as ZH finished speaking.

Editor’s Note: This article posted in the ‘Satire’ section is a work of fiction and a comical take on ZH.


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PKKH removes all pro-Zaid Hamid posts from its official site!

Posted by zaidonists on March 29, 2010

In the past few days, we’ve been monitoring and reporting how PKKH first distanced itself from Zaid Hamid, and then parted ways with him. It comes as no surprise to us that PKKH has now removed all those pro-Zaid Hamid posts which intended to defend his position on the Yousuf Kazzab issue.

For example this post titled “Zaid Hamid Press Conference: Final and Decisive Clarification” has been removed along with the 20 comments received below it. The following “Error 404 – Not Found” is displayed if you try visiting this page. Give it a try yourself:

However, this page can be viewed from Google’s cache.

Another example of many such articles removed by PKKH is Zaid Hamid condemns Maulana Jalalpuri’s murder” ( which carried BrassTacks’ press release on the matter.

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Hindu Zionists v Zaidonists

Posted by zaidonists on March 28, 2010

Some say Hindu Zionists exist, some say they do not… But there is no dispute over the existence of Zaidonists!

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Like others, will Maria B also part ways with Zaid Hamid?

Posted by zaidonists on March 27, 2010

Well the answer is, she surely will. The biggest reason would be the falling popularity of ZH, and her reputation attached to it. Maria B is a businesswoman after all, she cannot afford any sort of negative publicity.

Here is an interview of Maria B where she answers why she supports Zaid Hamid. Interesting to know she thinks everyone who thinks ‘out of the box’ is labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Does she mean one should ignore hard facts and logical answers, and think out of the box just for the sake of it? She also thinks ZH is a ‘fakeer’. Poor lady, lets see if she still thinks he’s a fakeer after the latest exposition of his ties with Yousaf Kazzab.

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Zaid Hamid in 4 Man Show (Part 1)

Posted by zaidonists on March 27, 2010

4 Man Show points out many aspects of ZH’s methods in this comical piece. Hiring young anchors and needless aggression is just some of the tools ZH uses to attract young minds towards him. Enjoy!

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PKKH and Takmeel further distance themselves from Zaid Hamid (Press Release)

Posted by zaidonists on March 26, 2010

Earlier today we published an article where we discussed how PKKH has slowly started to distance itself from Zaid Hamid. About 30 mins ago, PKKH and Takmeel have released a press release which further reveals the cracks within the alliance of ZH and these patriots of Pakistan. The statement has been released by Dan Qayyum himself, who is a founding member of PKKH.

The highlights of this press release are as follows:

– PKKH team has openly called Yousal Ali as Yusuf ‘Kazzab’, something which Zaid Hamid fails to do till date.

– PKKH and Takmeel have clarified that they have nothing to do with Yusuf Ali Kazzab.

– The press release clarifies that PKKH and Takmeel are ‘independent’ movements and are not part of ZH’s organization. Moreover, the it also clarifies that PKKH and Takmeel are associated to Zaid Hamid and BrassTacks as part of an agreement relating to issue on Pakistan’s national security.

– The press release has made it clear that the people behind PKKH and Takmeel respect AMTKN (Aalami Majlise Tahafuze Khatam e Nabuwat) and the Ulemas associated to it. This is completely opposite to what ZH’s thinks of these noble ulemas.

We welcome this latest development. At this stage, it is quite understandable that such a diplomatic statement had to be released. But with time to come, PKKH and Takmeel should completely separate ways with ZH.

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PKKH slowly parting ways with Zaid Hamid?

Posted by zaidonists on March 26, 2010

PKKH has been a strong supporter of ZH for a long time now. One important factor which must be mentioned here is that PKKH existed even before ZH became popular, and later joined hands with ZH. Therefore, we do believe PKKH team members are a bunch of patriotic Pakistanis who intended to serve the country. However, slowly but gradually PKKH has become nothing more than a mouth-piece of ZH and his campaign. Recently, when the Yousaf Kazzab case re-surfaced, PKKH was mostly seen publishing articles clearing ZH’s position and stance. It would be fair to say that PKKH itself has lost its identity in this process.

The latest article about Takmeel-e-Pakistan published by PKKH shows signs of things to come. The article is full of clarifications that Takmeel is not about a ‘single person’, in fact it is about a greater cause. The article mentions this at least 3-4 times throughout the article. Zaid Hamid’s name is no mentioned anywhere in the article, but the suggestions that one person’s history should not be used to sabotage Takmeel is enough to understand who the article refers to. Moreover, BOLD characters are used to emphasize this point of view. Does the PKKH team know usage of BOLD characters is considered rude according to netiquettes (internet etiquettes), and signifies shouting? Or may be they really do want to shout and tell every one that they’ve finally realized that ZH has only brought failure and bad name to them.

One specimen paragraph from the article:

The Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution clearly reflects that Its NOT about any single person, its NOT about any organization, its NOT about a certain group of people, its ONLY and ONLY about the ideology of Pakistan, the revival of the true spirit of Pakistan and the RISE of Pakistan as an exemplary Islamic welfare state…

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Hate speech III – by Fasi Zaka (The News)

Posted by zaidonists on March 26, 2010

Commentary: In this superb article published in The News, Fasi Zaka hits ZH where it hurts the most. The author has exposed various flaws in ZH’s approach and the reasons why his popularity has taken a downhill direction recently. Fasi Zaka explains with examples the biased and unfair methods of this so-called defence analyst. Last but not the least, Fasi Zaka shows his concern that although ZH is facing a lot of criticism due to his relations with Yousaf Kazzab, but so far very few have questioned the poison of hatred and intolerance spread by ZH.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Delhi will be conquered soon, says Zaid Hamid (Proof Inside)

Posted by zaidonists on March 26, 2010

Eastern Railways of India's recent newspaper ad

As part of recent developments, which according to ZH are due to his continuing efforts to demoralize the ‘paleed’ Hindu nation, Eastern Railways of India has published a newspaper ad which shows Delhi as part of Pakistan. This is exactly what ZH and his followers want to achieve in the long run, conquer Delhi and hoist the Pakistan flag at the Red Fort.

ZH declared this ad as a massive morale booster. According to ZH, ‘paleed’ Hindus have already started to believe they’ll be conquered by his army of Zaidonists, and this ad depicts their inner fears. When asked by reporters if this could be mistake by the advertising agency, ZH labelled the reports as RAW agents who are trying to dent this glorious moment in the history of Zaidonists.

Editor’s Note: This article posted in the ‘Satire’ section is a work of fiction and a comical take on ZH.

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